Roland Garros Tournament, Paris by Michał IIIa g

Roland Garros tournament , Paris
by Michał (IIIa g)

Roland-Garros is a tournament which stands out on the international sporting calendar, and is part of the heritage of its home country, France. Its legend began some 126 years ago…
The story begins in 1891, with the creation of the "French Clay-Court Championships". The tournament was reserved for players who were members of French clubs, and was held at venues alternating between the Stade Français, the Parc de Saint-Cloud and the Racing Club de France’s Croix-Catelan grounds.
This is one of the four tournaments of the ,,Grand Slam’’.

This tournament takes place every year in Paris. The best tennis players in the world take part in it.

The logo of this tournament. Map of the tennis complex.

Interestingly, the number one court will be demolished
because it is the oldest and the least modern.

Now a new court is being formed which will be completely glazed. It will be the first indoor court.

My adventure

On May 30, I flew to Paris with my parents. We landed at the second largest airport in Europe.
That day we visited the Sacré-Cœur basilica. You can climb to the top of this building and see the panorama of Paris.

In the morning of May 31, we went to the ,,Roland Garros’’ tournament. We had tickets for matches played on the ,,Suzanne Lenglen’’ court. It is the second largest court.

Suzanne Lenglen court

Interestingly, at the moment no tennis court has a roof so the rain can break the entire tournament. We were lucky and the weather was great all day.

On this day, we watched 4 matches. We did not expect who will play. We were very lucky because we saw the best tennis player in the world in action. Rafael Nadal is the first in the ATP ranking.
Rafael Nadal


I was also in Paris a few years ago. Unfortunately, I must say that it is now a city that is overpopulated. There are plenty of pickpockets there. A few years ago it was more interesting and safer there. At the moment in Europe there are many better cities to visit. The only place where the atmosphere was pleasant was the area close to the courts.


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