Places at our school by Natalia and Julia (IIIa g)

  School Canteen

Our school canteen is a place when everyone can sit down and eat a meal with friends. There are a lot of different varieties and options. The menu changes every week, so you will never get bored of what you eat. I heard, that school is famous for the best ,,pierogi leniwe’’ in the whole city! You can also imagine what pupils feel, when pancakes are for dinner. You can smell this, even when you open the door of the school. Everybody loves them. 

Despite the rush that cooks have, the meals are always on point. Also, the school canteen serves breakfast, dinner and dessert for children from classes ,,0’’ every day. 
I’m sure, that if you are allergic to some ingredients, you can tell it to the cooks. They will prepare you different food which is safe for you. Don’t be ashamed of it. You aren’t alone
If you don’t have enough time to make dinners, you can buy them in our school canteen. Even though you don’t want to buy them every day, you should try school’s specials at least once.

Biology Classroom

I think that it isn’t necessary to tell you what a classroom it is. Everyone can recognise it. Yes, you’re right. This is our biology class!
When you walk in, on the left are a lot of shelves, which are protected by glass. You can see dead animals, like lizards, spiders and snakes in formalin. There are skeletons and bones of every animal you can imagine. There are also few boxes, where the biology teacher keeps paper charts and pictures of wildlife, nature and connections between different species of animals.
The best lesson is when you can do or explore something by yourself. That’s the reason why every student loves doing experiments with microscope where you can write your own observations and suggestions. Of course, we don’t cut frogs or investigate pig’s heart but we have fun too.
Sometimes we also watch biology programmes on CDs, but it isn’t as often as we want.
I bet, that after reading this (if you are younger) you will find biology the best subject, without any learning by heart? I must disappoint you… we have tests too! .


If you are book freak, the school library is probably the best place for you. Our library has hundreds of genres from romantic to criminals. You can choose three books per day and keep it until you finish reading them. I think that it is a great option because you aren’t under any pressure and you don’t have to rush. This is a perfect opportunity when you have a lot of stuff and duties to do, but meanwhile you want to take a rest with your favourite book, am I right?
I know that books that we must read at home are mainly boring and not so interesting, but let me be honest: everyone must go through it! Think positive and don’t give up reading only because of it. Remember! Reading books improves our vocabulary and way of thinking. It may open your eyes to word problems like wars, violence, poverty… . Your knowledge will be wider and maybe you won’t see everything in black or white anymore... .
I heard that, my school has its own blog. Here is the link: . Don’t forget to check it out! It’s for sure worth it.
The library is also a place where you can sit down, relax and escape for couple minutes from noise and read newspapers or magazines, which included teens problems and contains a lot of advice. Don’t forget to be quiet there! Unless you want to hear: ,,Shhhh”
Here we have much space to play our favourite sports from football to hockey. We can release all of our energy after a long day of studying. It’s always so much fun to play in teams with our classmates.

Here we have much space to play our favourite sports from football to hockey. We can release all of our energy after a long day of studying. It’s always so much fun to play in teams with our classmates.

IT classroom

Here we learn a lot about computer, Internet and all of its uses. We often use new programmes we haven’t even heard of before, which makes us learn so much more than on computers at home. We also do interesting cyber projects from time to time.

Playing field

Here we spend most of our free time during school breaks. We can catch a little bit of fresh air, which makes learning easier. Our younger schoolmates play games with each other. Everyone always finds something to do there.




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